19 janvier 2018

Our brand new website!

A new year begins.. It’s January and it’s the perfect time to announce the launch of our brand new website!

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Torsten, our webmaster 👨‍💻, for our elegant website design, and his amazing job! We hope you will enjoy our new site!

Check out his work:



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11 décembre 2017

It seems like .. Christmas is in the air❄️🎄🌟✨


✨🌟🎄❄️It seems like .. Christmas is in the air❄️🎄🌟✨

On dirait que ... Noël est dans l'air


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Charlestone Collection💛

Add a little glamour to your style with our Charlestone Collection💛 
Ajoutez un peu de glamour à votre style avec notre collection Charlestone💛



Charlestone (3)

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08 décembre 2017

Did you find the perfect Christmas gift, yet? 😻🎄🎁

Did you find the perfect Christmas gift, yet? 😻🎄🎁

Avez-vous trouvé le cadeau parfait pour Noël?


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13 novembre 2017

‪So Perfect! For the Holiday season!

How do you feel about these casually chic Gold and Silver mixed beauties? ✔️🙀
‪So Perfect! For the Holiday season! 

Lili (2)

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05 octobre 2017

Hello Kitten! Is it your wishing day?

Children's Collection (1)

Children's Collection (7)


 Looking for this great gift for your child?
Can you spot the one that Eddie is looking at in this photo? 
As shown in the picture: "Petit Mousheka" and "Clochette" Bracelet 💜🌸💜🌸✨


Children's Collection (8)



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